Medical Weight Loss

Certified Partner of The National Medical Weight Loss Programme

Established in 2019, The National Medical Weight Loss Programme provides online CPD and SCOPE accredited education, exclusively to registered health professionals in the medical management of overweight and obesity.

They combine flexible online learning with world-class academic training written by an Expert Advisor to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) on obesity.

As a delegate who successfully passed the course, C.J. Aesthetics are proud to be a Certified Partner of The National Medical Weight Loss Programme

What is our Medical Weight Loss Programme?
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Our programme supports patient weight loss. The programme consists of a calorie controlled diet with the addition of a once weekly medication. Our qualified and friendly nurse staff will support you with your weight loss journey, and be on hand to ask any questions.

If your previous dieting efforts have not delivered, our programme could be what you need. You'll have specialist nurse staff to give you expert advice and provide a supportive network to motivate you to succeed. To start your weight loss journey, you will need to book a consultation with one of our trained staff, they will carry out an assessment and decide if you're suitable to get started.

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