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As we get older, the skin can start to display a wide range of concerns. Lines and wrinkles can appear as well as sunken and hollow areas. The skin can also become dry, dehydrated and delicate as it begins to thin with age.

Here at CJ Aesthetics in Kensington London, we offer a revolutionary and effective skin remodelling system which can dramatically improve the appearance of ageing skin without the need for traditional dermal fillers. This injectable treatment is called Profhilo®.

What is Profhilo®?

Profhilo® is an innovative, non-cross linked hyaluronic acid, injectable skin treatment which can assist in the rejuvenation of the skin’s architecture from the inside. Profhilo® offers optimum results in 2 treatment sessions (for some cases a 3rd treatment is required). It is injected in to 5 points of the face and stimulates 4 different types of collagen and elastin, the vital components of youthful skin as well as hyaluronic acid, which is released slowly in to the skin over time. The stimulation of these substances results in a significant improvement of the quality, resilience and tone of your skin as well as reduced lines, wrinkles and dehydration. Profhilo® is not a traditional dermal filler as such, but consists of a new and potent hyaluronic acid gel. Profhilo® can be used alone or with other aesthetic treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers. To minimise any discomfort, we can apply a topical anaesthetic prior to treatment.

Who is suitable for Profhilo®?

Anyone who is experiencing the early onset or advanced skin ageing can benefit from a course of Profhilo® However, we will always ask you to attend a no obligation consultation, prior to any treatment here at CJ Aesthetics, so that we can assess your unique skin concerns as well as check your medical history, which will help us to decide if Profhilo® will be both safe and suitable for your individual skin concerns.

When will I see results?

A course of Profhilo® consists of two injectable treatments, a month apart. You can expect to see more hydrated, glowing and luminous skin, 2 weeks following your first treatment, however, full results will be seen around 4 weeks after your second treatment. In cases where the skin is showing more advanced signs of ageing, you may need to have another treatment, six months after the initial course.

Prices from

Profhilo Skin Booster
Per treatmentPOA
2 x treatments£550

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