ZO skin peels and skincare

Here at CJ Aesthetics in Prestatyn, North Wales, we believe that delivering the very best in skincare along with high-grade, clinically-proven cosmeceuticals is the key to beautiful skin.

This is why we offer ZO Skin Health dermal peels and at-home use skincare products to our patients who feel that ordinary creams and lotions are no longer enough to rejuvenate and replenish their skin.

What are dermal peels?

Dermal peels are specially formulated mild-to-moderate strength acids, which when expertly applied to the skin can have a clearing, toning and replenishing effect. Dermal peels remove layers of dirt and debris as well as dead skin cells. They speed up cell turnover and regulate sebum production. Over a course of treatment, dermal peels can also help the production of collagen and elastin within the dermis.

What are ZO Skin Health peels and skincare products?

ZO Skin Health products are a range of powerful and clinically-proven cosmeceutical facial peels and at-home-use skincare products for the face and body. ZO was developed by Dr Zein Obagi, a world-renowned and award winning dermatologist. The ZO Skin Health range is suitable for both men and women, is cruelty-free and includes a range of skin peels for use in clinic as well as cleansers, enhancers and scrubs, hydrators and soothers. ZO Skin Health offers oil control for congested skins, lightening products for pigmentation as well as advanced repair for ageing skin.

Sun protection is also a huge part of the ZO Skin Health range as protecting the skin from harmful UV rays is vital when it comes to guarding the skin against premature ageing and protecting the skin following a dermal peel treatment.

Who is suitable for ZO Skin health peels and skincare products?

Most of us can benefit from a course of ZO dermal peels and the ZO Skin Health programme, however, it’s important to undergo a pre-treatment consultation here at CJ Aesthetics, so we can assess your individual concerns and advise on the best treatments and products for your unique skin concerns.

Prices from: £31.00

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